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PEP Gaborone Broadhurst Job Vacancies


The 17 000 people employed at PEP are united by a unique culture that promotes growth, dignity, respect and fun.

Our People are called Dynamos…

“A true PEP Dynamo is a loyal, sincere, humble, friendly, helpful, passionate, innovative, committed and hardworking individual who will support his/her team and treat others with dignity and respect – it all comes from the heart. I try to be a true PEP Dynamo making a difference every day by delivering an efficient and friendly service.” – People Support Dynamo

Dynamos greet each other with a Hi5 – “The Hi5 greeting is so infectious that my family and friends now also Hi 5 when we meet.” – Commercial Dynamo

Our Culture is called Sikhula KunYe…

“Sikhula KunYe means growing together and is the name of PEP’s very unique culture. It is a culture of treating everyone with dignity and respect no matter what. In this culture we are serious about having fun at work while being extremely proud of meeting our goals.” – Finance Dynamo

“It’s a culture of caring and supporting but most importantly valuing people and their contributions.” – Supply Chain Dynamo

“PEP encourages us to grow not only in our careers but as
individuals” – Finance Dynamo

Our Dynamos say…

“It feels good to work for a company who makes it possible for most of South African population to dress themselves, every day and for special occasions, and feel good and proud about the way they look.” – Merchandise Dynamo

“I am so grateful to be working for such an amazing company. It is wonderful to be a part of the PEP family. PEP is an innovative and dynamic company, and as a Dynamo, you really have incredible growth opportunity. “ – Merchandise Dynamo

“I see it as a huge blessing to work for such a high performing company that places their customer and their staff at the centre of everything they do. The culture is a crazy contagious one which I absolutely love!” – Marketing Dynamo

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Contact Information

Address: Cnr Kubu Road, Lejara, Gaborone, Botswana

Phone: +267 390 0114