By | February 23, 2023

Risk Manager Job Vacancy at FNB Botswana

Risk Manager C – IRC241508

at Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana in Botswana BG
Ends 06 Mar 2023


To lead the Risk Team in implementing the Risk Strategy by analyzing, managing and mitigating all risks within the Bank. Ensure that processes are in place for identification, assessment and managements of risks affecting the segment.

experience and qualifications

  • Financial or Quantitative degree preferably in Finance/Financial Mathematics/ Actuarial Science/Engineering or related.
  • 5+ years in a similar role and relevant Industry.
  • Sound understanding of Financial Products and Markets.
  • Portfolio Risk Management.
  • Market and Industry knowledge.

additional requirements

  • No Referral plan is assigned to this job


  • Analyse and review business processes and assess the extent to which they comply with the Bank’s trading minimum standards.
  • Analyse and identify monthly, quarterly and biannual trends, spikes and anomalies across the various risk profiles at a branch, subsidiary and overall Africa level in order to formulate appropriate action plans to mitigate or reduce risk.
  • As required, capture operational breakdowns into open pages.
  • Review quarterly self-assessments (PRCIA) and provide feedback on control weaknesses.
  • Review and cascading of applicable Policies and Frameworks.
  • Review end-to-end business processes of each CIB business unit.
  • Identify gaps and weaknesses in the business which could give rise to risk.
  • Collaborate with CIB teams to develop remedial action plans.
  • Provide a full operational risk view for the segment.
  • Monitor implementation of remedial actions against deadlines.
  • Review, track and monitor audit reports and remedial action being taken to remediate significant audit findings.
  • As required, assist business units to close out audit findings.
  • Report on audit profile of the segment to relevant committees, including status reports on progress of remedial action.
  • Oversee and monitor the Banks’ traded market risk process.
  • Create a consolidated view of traded market risk across the bank and monitor daily market risk numbers with a specific focus on identifying variances, limit breaches or technical issues and resolving them on the same day.
  • Assist with resolving issues where necessary.
  • Ensure market risk limits are not exceeded.
  • Ensure that the Bank’s appetite for market risk is not exceed.
  • Analyse the risk profile and highlight risk build-up to relevant risk committees.
  • Report on market risk to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Review in-country counterparty credit risk and market risk regulatory returns.
  • Report and provide commentary on movements / anomalies.
  • Continuous Development and improvement of CCR and Market Risk models/reporting templates.
  • Continually drive and model RMB’s values.
  • Make an effort to stay relevant and up-to-date with legislation, new development etc.
  • Drive own and team initiatives to achieve business strategic goals.