By | February 23, 2023

Chief Data and Analytics Officer I Job Offer at FNB Gaborone Branch | Apply Now

Chief Data and Analytics Officer I – IRC241202

at Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana in Group Wide Function FCC
Ends 03 Mar 2023


To formulate tactical strategy and associated delivery plans for Information Management and Analytics practices to enable integration and operational implementation at a BU level that drive business realisation of investments in information through data monetisation to unlock the commercial value of data with a view to create profit, drive innovation and achieve value for both customers and the business  

experience and qualifications

  • Minimum qualification – Relevant undergraduate degree
  • Preferred qualification – Relevant post graduate degree or recognised Information Management and/or Data science certification
  • Experience – 5 to 8 years’ experience in information management/data science of which 3 years ideally at senior management level, and 2 years managing a function
  • Additional knowledge Strong understanding of Data Management and Analytics in a large financial services organisation
  • Understand both the technical points of Data Management and Analytics, as well as the business drivers and needs
  • Sound knowledge of data, creating value form data, business, and IT architecture
  • Understand regulations and legislation which require information or data management and analytics capabilities, communities and understand the dependencies between people, technology and the processes of Data management and data

additional requirements

  • No Referral plan is assigned to this job


  • Facilitate the formalising of conclusions, emerging implications and recommendations that are actionable to business
  • Ensure that the team (as well as vendors) perform optimally and deliver (high quality and accurate) data and information through efficient execution of functional projects
  • Thinking out-of-the-box whilst at the same time explaining the impact of new ideas on the business within the bigger picture
  • Participate in relevant partnership model with other CDAO offices, business leaders and stakeholders to mature data and analytics for segment
  • Manage relationship with relevant Business stakeholders and other CDAO offices
  • Represent BU at Business Data and Analytics Exco
  • Model and drive a data driven culture that values data as an asset with business value
  • Lead relevant change and communications functions to drive functional maturity
  • Assume accountability for developing data products and drive adoption and monetisation of such within relevant business unit as well as encourage reuse and adoption by other business units across the group where appropriate
  • Oversee BU data and analytics function to ensure data quality, security, and creation of business intelligence that inform business decisions
  • Ensure adoption and localisation of common frameworks, practices, processes, standards and integration of data and analytics value chain at BU level
  • Create a strategic roadmap for achievement of outputs and deliverables
  • Identify and enable opportunities for business value extraction of data and implementation of analytics models
  • Ensure BU Platform alignment, governance, policy standards alignment and integration
  • Monitor usage and application of iDnA capabilities and drive greater uptake
  • Lead prioritisation for BU data and analytics projects etc.
  • Assume accountability for monetisation of data at the BU level
  • Assume accountability for Information Management (information architecture; metadata; master and reference data; data development and warehousing; content, document and records; data quality, storage and operations; information security and data privacy management) to ensure required standards and practices across data production, management and consumption as well as analytics practices across the BU leveraging existing structures and capabilities
  • Leverage data and analytics to influence and improve customer experiences, operational processes and solution design
  • Ensure ethical usage of data and information that complies to restrictions applied for privacy and sensitivity classification
  • Understand and ensure implementation and adherence to Privacy business requirements, legislation and policy
  • Ensure reporting of any Data Privacy Incidents and drives resolution of Privacy and Protection Audit Findings, Complaints, Incidents, Investigations and Privacy and Protection Assessments
  • Integrate data and analytics value chain across the relevant BU, identifying opportunities for shared value
  • Lead and encourage business conversation regarding use cases, model usage, implementation of relevant practices etc.